Aegeus Kamaki
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Thanatos with a thoughtful expression
Vital statistics
Age: 22
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 178 lbs
Power: Future Manipulation
Mutant Class: Beta
Affiliation: Project Ra

Aegeus is a character in the Origins of Mutants RP.


Aegeus has necklength, slightly wavy brown hair, piercing bright blue eyes and a bit of a tan.


Aegeus is a man of science. More specifically, a man who devotes himself to understanding the X-Gene and will cut apart anyone or anything he has to get it, views those he's finished with as "insignificant pieces". However, he's recently shown a gentle side, often coming to the defense of the captives and going toe to toe with the guards who are unnecessarily cruel.


Aegeus was an unhappy young boy. His parents were always away on business and he was left at the mercy of bullies whenever he'd venture outside. All the time, he entertained thoughts of killing the bullies or of them dying horrible deaths. One day, his parents gave him a sketchpad and some writing stencils, he began to draw macbre art pieces, grotesque things. ...And not even two hours later, it happened.

Drunk on power, he drew more and more pictures, accumulating wealth and earning the reputation as the God of Death in human-like skin. During his travels after attending Oxford, he was approached by Dr Essex...and hasn't left his side since.

Aegeus, at first, didn't get involved in the depravity that surrounded Genosha, but while trying to understand the complexities of CynX, he decided to take a small break and reviewed the footage in the control room for some reason. He is disgusted by what he witnessed and when he can, he tries to be kind to the captives there.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Future Manipulation - The user can control what will happen in the future. The user can decide what they want to happen and then it actually happens in real life. You could control the future and make anything you wanted to happen. You'd be able to see things before they happen.

Future Illustration: The ability to control the future via drawing pictures.


  • Limited to how one can control the future.
  • Some cannot control when it happens.
  • The future depicted may be inevitable, so one must be careful what is drawn.



  • Kostas Martakis - Anatropi

    Kostas Martakis - Anatropi

    Aegeus can sing really well, but it's normally in Greek!
  • He's very eccentric and appears cheerful, at odds with the gloom of Genosha in general, but he can be serious when the situation calls for it