Alain DuBois
Trey Songz
Vital statistics
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156 lbs
Power: Empathy
Mutant Class: Alpha
Affiliation: Genosha captive

Alain is the key character in the Origins of Mutants RP. He is apart of the Project X program.


Alain is an African American man with his hair in a fade style haircut, a bit of a beard and goatee, with dark brown eyes. He can often be seen in casual wear like jeans and T-shirts.


Alain is a mature and serious individual but can be seen goofing off sometimes, at others, getting annoyed at those who goof off.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Emotion Manipulation
    • Anger Manipulation
    • Fear Manipulation
    • Hatred Manipulation
    • Hope Manipulation
    • Love Manipulation
    • Pain Manipulation
    • Rage Manipulation
    • Serenity Manipulation
    • Empathic Creation - Create weapons for battle situations.
    • Psionic Inundation - Overloading ones foes with vast amounts of emotions.
    • Can sense the presence of others by sensing their emotions(empathic scent).
    • May be able to turn powers against their users.
    • May be able to channel vast amounts of various emotions into an enemy, causing insanity or possible death due to emotional stress on the body.
    • Able to rip away emotions leaving the foe in a zombie-like state
    • Clairaudience - Some empaths have displayed the ability to not only feel emotions, but also "hear" the heightened thoughts associated with that specific emotions. This is probably do to the fact that both cortex's(emotional,and mental) so closely relate with one another. An example would be if an empath senses two spouses aiming a lot of hatred towards one another. The empath might get the echo of thought along with that emotion e.g "I cant believe hes cheating on me after all these years". However this is not to be confused with Telepathy. An empath can only get visionary "echoes" related to certain emotions. They can not read full memories.
    • Empathic Healing - This is an level that is somewhat rare and not many master. Due to the fact that when an empath "heals" wounds that are physical they don't heal the actual injury. The empath simply takes the pain into themselves so the victim no longer feels that pain. However empaths do can heal emotional wounds,but healing physical wounds is somewhat uncommon.
    • Empathic Mimicry - Higher level empaths tend to have this power to tap into others abilities. This is done by the empath channeling someone and finding the exact emotion that triggers their power. The empath so long as they remember that emotion is able to use/copy that persons power.
    • Lie Detection - A low level empath can sense when a person is lying to them. More skilled users and pick out what that lie is and find the truth.


  • May might get taken over and act on those emotions.
  • May experience headaches
  • May not be able handle large amounts of emotions at once.



Trey Songz - Last Time (video)

Trey Songz - Last Time (video)