Hank Mccoy (Beast) with his unusual appearance.
Power Statistics
Power: Mutants that have an unusual or animalistic appearance that makes their lives difficult or makes them stand out.
Known Mutants: Beast, Angel, Nightcrawler, Azazel, Toad, Gambit, Mystique, Jade, Sabretooth, Fang


Atavistic mutations are primarily physical mutations, comprising of the individual possessing such "animalistic" traits as wings, pronounced canine teeth, vertical "catlike" irises, claws, increased body hair, or a tail.

What is an atavistic mutation?

The term 'atavistic' refers to 'throwback' mutations, where the individuals display traits associated with animals. For some shapeshifters, it refers to such traits remaining even in their 'human' state, frequently impacting on their dietary needs and senses. Beneficial versions of this mutation are rarely seen alone; they are usually paired with feral or metamorphic mutations, or enhanced physical or sensory traits.

Atavistic mutations often happen without the presence of the x-gene, including otherwise genetically-normal human babies being born with caudal appendages (tails), extra body hair or an incomplete digestive system.

The mutation is predominantly physical - atavistic mutants rarely show the "pack mentality" or other psychological or mental traits seen in ferals. In very rare circumstances, such as Catseye who was raised from infancy by cats, feral behaviour can be seen as a result of environment, rather than an actual mutation.

The difference between atavistic mutations, ferals and methamorphs:

Ferals are identified by certain traits: enhanced senses, a Healing Factor and altered psychology which exhibits in a "pack" mentality. There are those who exhibit some atavistic traits, such as Victor'spointed ears and claws, but it is not the predominant aspect of their mutation. There are those who are atavistic without displaying feral traits - for example, Hank McCoy displays atavistic physical traits, but has neither the enhanced senses or healing factor, nor the psychological aspects associated with a feral.

Atavistic mutants:

"Pure" Atavistic mutants:

  • Warren Worthington (wings, hollow bones)
  • Hank McCoy (fur, fangs, claws)
  • Alexandra Anderson  (wings)
  • Mortimer Toynbee (green scaly skin, toad like appearance, prehensile tongue)
  • Azazel (red skin, tail, pointed ears, fangs)
  • Jade Martel (Jade skin)
  • Kurt Wagner (Blue skin, tail, pointed ears, fangs, unusual hand and feet structure)

Feral mutants with atavistic aspects:

  • Ryder Creed  (pointed ears, fangs and claws)
  • Victor Creed (pointed ears, fangs and claws)
  • Daken Howlett  (pointed ears, and slightly elongated canines)

Metamorphs with atavistic aspects:

  • Raven Darkholme (Blue scaly skin, yellow eyes, red hair)

Other mutants with atavistic traits:

  • Remy LeBeau (Red eyes)
  • Artie Maddicks (forked tongue)