Enhanced Senses
Laura Kinney (X-23) has enhanced senses as a part of her feral mutation.
Power Statistics
Power: Ability to smell, hear, taste, see or feel much better then the average human.
Known Mutants: Wolverine, Sabretooth, X-23, S-1, Black King, Fang, Lupus, Angel, Raptor, Beast, Nightcrawler, Azazel

Enhanced Senses:Edit

Enhanced senses are akin to Enhanced Physical Traits; where physically enhanced mutants have super-strength, reflexes and/or agility, mutants with enhanced senses have more powerful sight, hearing, senses of smell, taste or touch, either in combination or singly. These are frequently seen in conjunction with other mutations, such as FeralMetamorphic or Atavistic mutants.

What are Enhanced senses?Edit

Simply put, these are the usual five human senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch - ramped up to beyond normal human ranges. The most common are enhanced sight (frequently seen in mutants with physical mutations related to flight or speed), enhanced hearing (often seen in ferals) and smell (ferals, some atavistic mutants displaying feline or canine traits). Enhanced taste and touch are more rare, as the latter in particular is often a non-beneficial mutation.


Feral, atavistic mutants and metamorphs:Edit

Having enhanced senses is generally considered a "pre-requisite" to being a feral - it's seen as a defining trait of the mutation. It is, however, not the sole defining trait, the most important being the psychological and mental differences.

Some atavistic mutations also include enhanced senses; Warren Worthington and Alexandra Anderson , for example, both have enhanced vision to enable them to fly at great heights and speeds without injury. Those with the more animalistic type traits display heightened sight, smell and hearing (such as Catseye).

Some metamorphs are able to deliberately alter their physical structure in order to give themselves enhanced senses , but as this is not the permanent state of things, they are not considered to have the power seperately from their shape-shifting ability.

Mutants with Enhanced senses: Edit