Gracie Marti MacLaren
Vital statistics
Age: 9 years old
Hair: Red hair
Eyes: Bright blue eyes
Height: 3'7
Weight: 61 lbs
Power: Daydream Projection
Mutant Class: Alpha
Affiliation: Genosha Captive


Gracie is a very bubbly and outgoing nine year old. She likes to be friends with everything she can but doesnt notice if they don't like her. However, she wants everyone to be happy and feel safe, so she tends to comfort the others while they are imprisoned. She's very naive and innocent, and frankly, a bit dumb at peoples emotions sometimes. Gracie can have a temper, and when she does she won't listen to anyone well. Gracie likes to sing, and tends to do so to calm herself down, or others. She also does so because she enjoys it.


Gracie is a tiny caucasian little girl, with long red hair and bright blue eyes. She is about 3'7, and weighs only 61 pounds. Her red hair is up in a ponytail most of the times, and the bangs droop in her eyes a lot.

Her average outfit changes throughout the seasons, however, it is always surrounding the colors pink and white.


Daydream Projection- She has the ability to bring her daydreams to life and show them to the world

  • If she's upset or hurt, she can't focus and can't bring her daydreams.
  • If she gets too emotional this will happen without her control, which could cause problems.
  • Depending on the size of the illusion, she can only hold the dreams for a few days.