Jade Martel
Jade 2
Vital statistics
Age: 23
Hair: medium brown
Eyes: dark brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 296
Power: Organic Constructs, Dermal Armor and Enhanced Regeneration
Mutant Class: Gamma
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Jade Martel is an interesting woman when it comes to her appearance, her mutation has a direct effect on her looks. Her powers allow her about an hour of "human" appearance each day, provided she doesn't use her powers at all that day, otherwise Jade is essentially a living jade statue with real hair and eyes. Jade takes extremely good care of her hair, savoring it as her "sole savior from monstrosity". It's a medium brown and goes to the middle of her back. She wears it down most days and trims her bangs when need. She has dark brown, nearly black, eyes and stands at five feet and eleven inches. She weighs 296 pounds due to her mutation, but appears to be a petit female for her height.


Jade was born to a yakuza gang member, and the girlfriend he abused. When her biological father noticed Jade's dark green jade skin, he immediately sought to get rid of her. He figured that he could sell her off as a jade baby statue and be gone with her. He sold Jade to a business man who was in Tokyo at the time, David Martel.

When David realized that Jade was an actual living being, he felt pity and decided to raise him as his own. Jade's life consisted mostly of homeschooling since she wasn't allowed outside for more than an hour a day since she can appear human. During that hour, she was usually whisked to David's company to learn about it. David took her with her whenever he traveled, often having to pass her off as a jade statue. He was married and divorced so many times that Jade referred to the wives by number instead of name, even with the ones who accepted her mutation.

David Martel had groomed Jade to run his company after he died, save for the crucial detail he kept hidden until his death; his company was up to its elbows in human trafficking. Sadly, David died in front of Jade, scarring her deeply. She has nightmares to this day. Between grieving the loss of her true father and the stress of trying to clean up a black market company, Jade's mind became less sharp than it was. This loss lead to Jade letting her powers slip up once, and only once as she entered the car to go home.

That was all it took for her father's right-hand man, Joshua Flint, to turn Jade over to Sinister and get her landed in Genosha. Since then, Jade has tried to emanate the one thing she was good at: being a statue. She talks to her cell mate, Sheng Li Wang, and even opened up to him before being shut out by his other personalities. She rarely talks to people, though she is very friendly.