Madysonn (Raylene) Odell
Vital statistics
Age: 18
Hair: black
Eyes: light green
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 155
Power: Darkness Manipulation
Mutant Class: Alpha
Affiliation: Genosha Captive

Appearance Edit

A woman with a split personality, Madysonn and Raylene change their looks due to their differences. While Madysonn's body remains the same, with rather long black hair and light green eyes, their makeup and clothes vary widely. Madysonn wears whatever is comfortable and keeps to either minimal or natural-looking makeup. Raylene, however, wears only the color black with heavy gothic makeup. Madysonn's ears are gaged, but it was Raylene who did such a thing while in the mental institution by another inmate. They don't look half bad. She is five feet and five inches, weighing in around 155 pounds.


Madysonn Odell was the only child to Gerard Odell and his wife, Diane Odell. Her parents were poor and barely getting by, but Madysonn would say she lived a normal childhood up until a car crash. In the car crash her powers activated and she became intangible, saving her life, but her parents died. Her other personality, Raylene, began to emerge in her pre-teen years.

Madysonn 2
Madysonn was sent to a mental institution after Raylene threw a temper tantrum in school and tried to cut herself. In the mental institution, Madysonn felt trapped and often alone. She made friends with one other girl, Layla. In the end, Raylene took over and permanently severed her friendship with Layla after threatening to hurt her. When the guards tried to subdue Raylene after, she used her powers to keep them at bay before a staff member snuck up on her and sedated her.

Madysonn woke up as herself in the Genosha prison and has been there for a year. She has seizures when transitioning between the two personalities, which often leads to trips to the med lab from various injuries. The most common injury she gets is a sprained limb of some sort. Madysonn is making sure to keep herself distant from the others, hoping Raylene doesn't hurt them or scar them.