Xmen2 Rogue
Rouge is a teenage girl, about 17 in this forum, who has dyed her bangs white in a dare shortly before running away from home. She has brown eyes about the same color as her brown hair. She is often found wearing gloves outside of the prison due to her mutation. She is five feet and five inches, and weighs in around 140 pounds.


Marie, who goes by Rogue now, was born and raised in Meridan, Mississippi. Her parents, Owen and Priscilla, raised her in both French and English, common in the Mississippi bayou. Rogue dyed her bangs white in a dare while at a party, deciding she liked them and kept them for the next few months. Then, one night at another party, Rogue was dared to kiss a boy. Her powers manifested just before she kissed him and ended up putting him into a coma.

Scared, Rogue ran away from home, taking any money should could get her hands on along with valuables to pawn. She had managed to make her way up to Iowa before getting in trouble. She was drinking at a bar, with a fake ID, when she passed out. The bartender shook her to wake her up and accidentally made skin-to-skin contact, the bartender went into a coma as well and Rogue was arrested. She was transferred from the holding cells to Genosha, after being turned in by the cops, while sleeping.